Jim Studt's Page

Things I Built

  1. I have added alpha channels to JPEG images and made Javascript so it will render in browsers. Yeah, it's cool.
  2. FAE256 a processing core for nondeterministic prolem solving.
  3. The Public 8 Ball, check the future. status
  4. Jim's Depository—the place I keep surplus thoughts, femtoblogger—my tiny blogging tool.
  5. Lunarware - my defunct shareware business.
  6. Jim's Dylan Library
  7. A gradient and a stipple pattern for adjusting monitors and especially LCD panels. A table for assessing LCD displays.
  8. water near Union Island.
  9. jubilee and key of three
  10. Some boats
  11. How to get full access to your LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini.
  12. Text operations for the HTML5 <canvas> element.

OS Info



  1. what if?—answers to all the physics problems you forgot to ask.
  2. You can check your children's alegbra through calculus using Wolfram Alpha, they'll think you still remember your math. Read their license before you use it for anything more important than that.
  3. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories—Making the world a better place, one evil mad scientist at a time.
  4. Vi Hart—a practicing mathemusician
  5. The File Room Censorship Archive
  6. Tim Jensen's Page
  7. Max Hunter Folksong Collection - Max was a traveling salesman in the Ozarks who taped the folk songs in the 1960s.
  8. Screenshots - history reclaimed by video game technology.
  9. GSOC Satellite Predictions You have GOT to use this and go see an Iridium flare. -9s are the best. kirkwood, fish creek
  10. Science Toys
  11. The Choral Public Domain Library, music that is as free as a song.
  12. Optical Illusions - just when you thought you knew your eyes worked.

Too Infrequently Updated

  • Cockeyed - difficult to explain, but mandatory.

Old Stuff I Keep Around

  1. Just a cool puzzle, and count the black dots in this one. Or see this interactive jpg.
  2. The Dylan Interim Reference Manual, obsolete, but better organized for newbies.
  3. The Dylan Reference Manual, the final language definition.
  4. Gwydion Dylan - open source Dylan.
  5. The world's best web color picker (when 16bit color was an issue)