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Dylan reference manual -- Acknowledgments


Designing Dylan has been a work of many hands.

The primary contributors to the language design were Kim Barrett, Glenn S. Burke, Robert Cassels, Bill Chiles, Jerome T. Coonen, Scott Fahlman, Paul Gleichauf, James Grandy, Paul Haahr, John Hotchkiss, Jeremy A. Jones, Michael Kahl, William Lott, Rob MacLachlan,David A. Moon, Ike Nassi, Jeffrey Piazza, Kent Pitman, Keith Playford, Andrew Shalit, Jonathan Sobel, Walter R. Smith, Bill St. Clair, Orca Starbuck, Oliver Steele, Robert Stockton, Steve Strassmann, Larry Tesler, Derek White, and Gail Zacharias.

Additional design work and oodles of helpful comments were provided by Jim Allard, Peter Alley, Jonathan Bachrach, Richard Barber, David Betz, John Barr, Alan Bawden, Stoney Ballard, Ernie Beernink, Brent Benson, Eric Benson, Rasha Bozinovic, Bill Campbell, Steve Capps, Yu-Ying Chow, Doug Cutting, Ken Dickey, Richard Duncan, Mikel Evins, Marc Feeley, Gregg Foster, Tom Gordon, Jed Harris, Alice K. Hartley, Alan Kay, Larry Kenyon, Mike Lockwood, Matthew MacLaurin, Robin Mair, Neil Mayle, Tim McInerney, Scott McKay, Jim Meehan, John Meier, Jim Miller, Richard Mlynarik, Robert Muller, Carl Nelson, Julian Padgett, Paige Parsons, Ed Petrus, Peter Potrebic, Jonathan Rees, Kalman Reti, David Rosenfeld, Carl Schwarcz, David Singer, Andy Sizer, David C. Smith, Andy Stadler, Joshua Susser, Michael Tibbott, Tom Vrhel, John Wainwright, Bob Welland, Paul Wilson, and Dan Zigmond.

Moral and logistical support were provided by Donna Auguste, Chrissy Boggs, Mickey Dennison, Gina Field, Rick Fleischman, James Joaquin, Rick LeFaivre, Ross Knights, Becky Mulhearn, David Nagel, Wendy Phillips, Mark Preece, Mary Reagan, Shane Robison, and Susan M. Whittemore.

The Dylan project is directed by Ike Nassi and Carl Schwarcz.

The first edition of the Dylan manual was written by Andrew Shalit with contributions from Jeffrey Piazza, David Moon, and Steve Strassmann. It was extensively revised by Orca Starbuck, with editorial help from Kim Barrett, David Moon, and Steve Strassmann to incorporate recent language changes.

The first edition of the manual was designed by Scott Kim and Steve Strassmann. The original cover art was designed by Scott Kim.

The Dylan project is funded by Apple Computer's AppleSoft Division.

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