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Dylan reference manual -- Appendix A: How to get more information

Appendix A: How to get more information

Internet anonymous ftp site:

This contains the latest version of this manual, the Dylan FAQ, design notes (language spec updates), public Dylan implementations, code, and papers about Dylan.

Mosaic/World-Wide Web site:

Internet newsgroup:


The Dylan newsgroup is also available as an email list or daily digest.

To subscribe, send email to

containing one of these requests in the message body:

subscribe info-dylan your name
subscribe info-dylan-digest your name

or just send a message saying "help" for more information.

Dylan information on Applelink:

Developer Support:Developer Services:Development Platforms:Dylan Related:

For inquiries about Apple's Dylan products, send email to

If you have questions or comments about the Dylan language design, or if you're considering building your own Dylan implementation, please

let us know! Email to:

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