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Dylan Reference Manual

About This Book

This book is a draft of the Dylan Reference Manual.

It contains the complete language description, incorporating all language design decisions made to date (September, 1995).

The book is a draft because it has not undergone final review or proofreading. It is, however, believed to be complete.

The book is designed as specification and reference for the Dylan language. It is not designed as a tutorial. Programmers who wish to learn Dylan may want to begin with a book written for that purpose before moving on to this volume.

The book is divided into three parts: the first part contains a number of concept chapters describing the overall structure and semantics of the language; the second part contains reference chapters describing every class, function, and syntactic construct in the language; the third part contains the BNF for Dylan's syntax and a glossary of terms.

Dylan Reference Manual - 17 OCT 1995
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