Jim's Depository https://jim.studt.net/depository/ 2021-03-18T23:02:18Z this code is not yet written Jim jim@studt.net Reading the Internal Temperature of a Raspberry Pi Pico 2021-03-18T23:02:18Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/reading-the-internal-temperature-of-a-raspberry-pi-pico <p>There is an internal temperature sensor hiding in the RP2040 processor. It is just ever so slightly tricky to read. I notice that a lot of the help on the web skips an important step where you enable the temperature sensor, and glosses over the ADC reference voltage. …</p> jim A Little Makefile to Configure your Raspberry Pi Pico Project 2021-03-18T21:02:48Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/a-little-makefile-to-configure-your-raspberry-pi-pico-project <p>I put this little Makefile in the top of my Pico project directory. It handles making the <code>build</code> directory and invoking <code>cmake</code> with the right flags to build my actual make files. …</p> jim Programmatically Erase a Raspberry Pi Pico 2021-03-18T20:34:44Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/programmatically-erase-a-raspberry-pi-pico <h1>NOTE: THIS IS ALL OBSOLETE, DO NOT USE!</h1> <p>Find the reset_usb_boot() function in pico/bootrom.h instead. …</p> jim How I am approaching my Raspberry Pi Pico 2021-03-18T02:19:40Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/how-i-am-approaching-my-raspberry-pi-pico <p>I'm going to try the Raspberry Pi Pico for some of my small projects. I'm primarily attracted by the deterministic timing available with the Programmable I/O state machines. …</p> jim Femtoblogger gains dark mode support 2020-11-23T21:36:19Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/femtoblogger-gains-dark-mode-support <p>If you are thinking things changed, you are probably getting the dark mode support. It's your browser's choice. I send the same stuff to you, but the CSS is now littered with <code>@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {</code> sections to change things up for dark mode. …</p> jim Femtoblogger News 2020-11-23T19:52:30Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/femtoblogger-news <p>I've switched from the <a href="https://github.com/JohnSundell/Ink">Ink</a> markdown processor to <a href="https://github.com/iwasrobbed/Down">Down</a>. I liked that Ink was pure swift, but I kept spending time enhancing it to meet my needs. Down uses libcmark, which I'm not wild about having inside my server, but hopefully I won't spend any more time thinking about it. …</p> jim Thoughts on Swift Argument Parser 2020-11-22T23:35:06Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/thoughts-on-swift-argument-parser <p>I'm a big fan of <a href="https://github.com/apple/swift-argument-parser">Swift Argument Parser</a>. It generally makes command line argument processing painless. …</p> jim Add an SSH Console to you Swift Server 2020-11-22T23:18:40Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/add-an-ssh-console-to-you-swift-server <p>I have a number of servers written in Swift. Mostly these are HTTP backends. As anyone who has written backends knows, you always want to query some information out of them or maybe change a setting. Then ensues a carving off if the URL space, writing a bunch of command handlers, fretting over how to keep users out of them, and a creeping need to fuss with the HTML. …</p> jim Adding an SSH management console to a Swift server 2020-11-20T18:26:39Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/adding-an-ssh-management-console-to-a-swift-server <p>I notices NIOSSH today for SSH support in Swift. I'm going to try it as a management console for one of my HTTP backends. For an idea of how much effort is involved I'll give a running tally here. …</p> jim I've Overranted 2020-11-19T17:26:24Z tag:jim.studt.net,2015-08-25:/depository/articles/i've-overranted <p>I was typing up my thoughts on using SwiftUI and broke femtoblogger! My screed gets truncated about half way through. …</p> jim