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Dylan reference manual -- Operations on Tables

Operations on Tables

Tables are "stretchy," in that they allow the addition and removal of keys, but they are not stretchy sequences (because they are not sequences). <table> and its subclasses are the only predefined classes that are stretchy but are not stretchy sequences. <table> provides an implementation of the Iteration Protocol, using the function table-protocol. Every concrete subclass of <table> must provide or inherit a methodfor table-protocol. See the Table Protocol section for details.
remove-key!   table key  => table	[Generic Function]
remove-key! modifies table so that it no longer has a key equal to key. Equality is determined by the table's test function.
element-setter   new-value table key 	[G. F. Method]
Even if no element with the given key exists, element-setter for a table will add key and new-value to the table.

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