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this code is not yet written

I was typing up my thoughts on using SwiftUI and broke femtoblogger! My screed gets truncated about half way through.

I'm not sure if that means I should:

  • settle down?
  • fix femtoblogger?
  • tighten up my writing?

Who am I kidding… where did I leave that source code…

Update: I try to be a good modern programmer and haul in functionality from strangers on GitHub instead of spending weeks writing it myself… and then… BAM. The Markdown to HTML translator I'm using would allow raw HTML through, which in a public environment is irresponsible, so I kill any HTML I find. Sadly, if you include <table> in your comment, the markdown engine thinks everything from the opening tag to the end is the HTML and I kill it.

I guess I'll have to add a real "safe mode" to the markdown translator. The author hasn't integrated a pull request in months, that is kind of deterrent to making nice additions.

Update: Three hours to study the markdown processor enough to figure out how to cleanly add a safe mode and tests. I'd have been done faster until I realized it was written by John Sundell. Google frequently brings me his articles for solving Swift conundrums. He deserves an extra tidy patch.