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Dylan Reference Manual


This Apple manual was written, edited, and composed on a desktop publishing system using Apple Macintosh computers and FrameMaker software. Line art was created using Adobe Illustrator* and Adobe Photoshop*.

Text type is Palatino( and display type is Helvetica(. Bullets are ITC Zapf Dingbats®. Some elements, such as program listings, are set in Apple Courier.


Andrew Shalit, with contributions by Orca Starbuck and David Moon.


Steve Strassmann


Lorraine Findlay

Special thanks to Kim Barrett for his timely commentary on language design questions and wording, to Paul Haahr, David Moon, and Keith Playford for their last-minute heroic contributions on a number of difficult design issues, to Sonya Keene for her work on producing an HTML version of this document, and to James Joaquin for coming up with a great language name.

Heartfelt acknowledgments are due to the many people who have contributed to the design and validation of Dylan over the years. The current Apple Dylan team consists of Kim Barrett, Rick Bryan, Glenn Burke, Bob Cassels, John Hotchkiss, Jeremy Jones, Phil Kania, Ross Knights, Mike Lockwood, Robin Mair, Dave Moon, Paige Parsons, Kálmán Réti, Carl Schwarcz, Andrew Shalit, David Sotkowitz, Bill St. Clair, Steve Strassmann, Derek White and Gail Zacharias. Past members include Stoney Ballard, Rick Fleischman, Alice Hartley, Mike Kahl, Robyn Kozierok, Larisa Matejic, Neil Mayle, Richard Mlynarik, Robert Muller, Ike Nassi, Tom Parmenter, Jeff Piazza, Mark Preece, David Rosenfeld, Orca Starbuck and Oliver Steele. A great deal of language design work was done by the Dylan Partners. Contributing members of the Gwydion group include Bill Chiles, Scott E. Fahlman, Paul Gleichauf, Nick Kramer, William Lott, Rob MacLachlan and Robert Stockton. Contributing members of t! he Harlequin Dylan team include Jo nathan Bachrach, Roman Budzianowski, Paul Haahr, Sonya Keene, Robert Mathews, Scott McKay, Tim McNerney, Peter Norvig, Keith Playford, Toby Weinberg and P. Tucker Withington. Among the independent Dylan Partners who contributed are Jim Allard, Patrick C. Beard, Mark C. Chu-Carroll, Mutsumi Komuro, Jonathan Sobel, Joseph N. Wilson and Paul R. Wilson. Important feedback on the language design was provided by our ever-patient early users, including Fritz Anderson, Gary Beaver, Edward Cessna, Geoffrey Clements, Enrico Colombini, Donn Denman, Ken Dickey, Mikel Evins, Mark Gavin, James C. Grandy, Wayne Johnson, Scott Joy, Bo Klintberg, Gabriel Lawrence, Ted Lowery, Matthew MacLaurin, Claes-Fredrik Mannby, Stephen McConnell, Nick Nallick, Carl Nelson, Steve Palmen, Paul R. Potts, Mike Rossetti, Larry Tesler and Andrew Wason. Additional thanks are due to Dave Nagel and Apple Computer for many years of generous funding. Without the help of these and many other hands, Dylan could not ! have been created.

Dylan Reference Manual - 17 OCT 1995
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