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I put this little Makefile in the top of my Pico project directory. It handles making the build directory and invoking cmake with the right flags to build my actual make files.

Mostly I just do make install to build and flash onto my device. (Presuming the device is in UF2 mode, that's a different post.)

# Path to my SDK installation
PICO_SDK_PATH ?= ~/pico-sdk

# Path to the mount point for my pico
PICO_MOUNT ?= /rpi-rp2

# Path to my UF2 image in the build directory
IMAGE = build/sbi-weather.uf2

all : $(IMAGE)

install : all
	mount $(PICO_MOUNT)
	cp $(IMAGE) $(PICO_MOUNT)/foo

clean :
	rm -rf build pico_sdk_import.cmake

build :
	mkdir build

$(IMAGE): build/Makefile
	( cd build ; make all )

build/Makefile : CMakeLists.txt pico_sdk_import.cmake | build
	( cd build ; cmake -DPICO_SDK_PATH=$(PICO_SDK_PATH) .. )

pico_sdk_import.cmake : $(PICO_SDK_PATH)/external/pico_sdk_import.cmake
	cp $< $@

.PHONY : all install clean $(IMAGE)


I'm using a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian as my host. In the install target the sync command is helpful to push the dirty blocks out right now.

The mount command also works fine for my user account because I have this in my /etc/fstab

LABEL=RPI-RP2 /rpi-rp2 msdos defaults,noauto,user 0 1