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I've switched from the Ink markdown processor to Down. I liked that Ink was pure swift, but I kept spending time enhancing it to meet my needs. Down uses libcmark, which I'm not wild about having inside my server, but hopefully I won't spend any more time thinking about it.

It's a testament to both that swapping took just a couple minutes. Half of it finding the typo in my Packages.swift file.

print("Hello World! I'm beautiful!")

As long as I was fiddling with femtoblogger I touched up the CSS so code will stand out a little better, and then splurged and added Prism to highlight source code for you. I feel a little bad about the 12k of javascript, but you only load it once. We will survive this.

So far I recommend Prism. It was a CSS add in <HEAD> and a <SCRIPT> add by </BODY> and everything worked.

The biggest add to femtoblogger is an out of band management interface, but you don't get to see that.