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this code is not yet written

You can now put html into femtoblogger comments.

Ornamental Tags : b i em strong tt quote Structure Tags : br p pre blockquote div Linking : img a (but no funny URLs).

The downside is that I had to take out the “single newline to <br>“ translator and some bare punctuation is now illegal. I’m not sure this is a win, but I wanted to put in a hyperlink.

I think this paves the way for an even better solution which involves a Javascript WYSIWYG editor for posting. Something like TinyMCE but at less than 140k of Javascript and a 10 second startup time.

Comments and articles also get a preview button now so you can see what they will look like before you post them. Not too critical since you can edit them afterwards, but I suppose people are conditioned that think they can't edit comments.