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Perhaps it isn’t fair, firefox 2 is the oldest of the browsers I am supporting, but could they make the editable html interface any less user friendly? 

The editable region has to be in an IFRAME, I’d rather not restrict people to a fixed region of screen, but ok. Now the user clicks in the IFRAME to edit, but it won’t place the insertion point unless they happen to click on an element, so if you click in the bottom of the IFRAME you get no insertion point. That makes me create a special onfocus handler to place the insertion point someplace to get them started. Then in one final gesture of hostility, the insertion point placing code doesn’t work on an empty IFRAME, so I have to insert a nonbreaking space to open up a line for the insertion point (because a normal space gets an insertion point about 2 pixels tall.) All told, most of a day wasted to support  bad decisions from the firefox coders. They should have tried to use it after they coded it.