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The OpenGL Profiler in Xcode 4.3 is known to be ruined for 10.7.3. Apple suggests you get the one from Xcode 4.2.1.

Here are the steps they may not have mentioned:

  1. Download the 1.8GB of xcode_4.2.1_for_lion.dmg from the developer downloads.
  2. Try to install, but fail because you have a shiny new 4.3 installed.
  3. Repetitive use of “file”, “man”, and three unarchiving programs will let you dig your way down through the layers of archiving, it ends up being something like…
  4. mkdir ~/Desktop/xcode
    cd ~/Desktop/xcode
    xar -x -v -f "/Volumes/Install Xcode/InstallXcodeLion.pkg" # archive layer 1
    cd InstallXcodeLion.pkg/
    cpio -i -t < Payload # archive layer 2
    cd "Applications/Install Xcode.app/Contents/Resources/Packages"
    xar -x -f OpenGLApps.pkg # archive layer 3
    gunzip < Payload > Payload.big # silent compression
    cpio -i < Payload.big # archive layer 4
    cd "Applications/Graphics Tools"
    ls "OpenGL Profiler" # Hurray!
  5. Just before the last step, you should remember that you have Time Machine and just go back a couple weeks and snag the one from /Developer. That’s what I did, but I thought I’d finish the instructions in case you didn’t have one.

It still crashes my program in some profiler function when I attach, so nothing gained, and doesn’t ever start profiling if I launch, but maybe it will help you.