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I ordered a pair of Kodak Pulse 7" wifi picture frames from Provantage about 90 days ago which was long enough to forget, so it was like a little surprise gift to myself.

I intend to rip them open and see if I can replace their firmware with something I can control, but I fired one up to see if it could be made to work as a remote webcam viewer with its intended firmware.

I have to say I am impressed. The picture quality is quite nice. The web site for controlling the content is very nice (except that their applet signature does not have a valid signature). You can feed it from a web page, email, facebook, or some Kodak online gallery.

But here is the thing that makes me feel best about it:


On the support system they have an actual, honest, system status display. Very classy.

The 30 minute hacking report is:

  • I don't think I can make it display a once/{timeunit} update of a webcam using the intended APIs. I could mail a new image to it regularly, but it doesn't display the latest one by preference. There is not a way to email a "delete". - It contacts Kodak home base (running on Amazon's EC2, S3, and CloudFront) once per minute where it does:
    1. Some secret SSL shrouded query that they don't let me see. 2. An NTP lookup from a random server on the planet. 3. An HTTP query to see if it needs an update, nice XML response. 4. If needed, the files are then requested by a UUID and come down by HTTP. - Blocking the SSL shrouded query stops the others, but I'm pretty sure I could make a proxy to replace the content with my own. This however only works for picture frames in my domains where I control the routers and can intercept. - I captured its firmware upgrade. The file will be useful.

Looking forward:

  • I need to look at Amazon data rates and see if it would be abusive to use their browser API to upload and delete pictures, say once a minute all day. I'm sure that's more traffic than they expect, but perhaps the total cost is small enough to be ethical. - I'm itching to pop apart the 2nd unit, but I will wait until I have time to photodocument to see what is on the inside of these things.


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Maybe http://www.noerenberg.de/hajo/pub/kodak-pulse-picture-frame-server.php.txt is interesting for you (Kodak Pulse picture frame protocol reverse engineered, and some documentation on how to set up your own picture frame server).

Have you found any recent information on how I can delete pictures by email or without using the Kodak pulse account? Is there an API for the Kodak pulse account or can it be made?
hey i just bought one of these and i found this sequence of events very interesting...

1. look on the outside of the box, the activation code for use on kodakpulse.com is there - interesting, right?

2. log into kodakpulse, make some fake account (disposable/verifiable email address

3. register units that are still on the shelf for sale, send pics to them

4. someone you don't even know buys the units and sees YOUR pictures that you chose for them to see

could be offensive, or a scam (go here to win big = virus), or just for pure fun, etc

what do you think?

Hi. Just came round searcing for info on the Kodak pulse frame. Any news about your webcam project? thanks. S.
Do you have any updates on your project?  I have a pulse frame, but would like to know how to setup my own server if the bankruptcy goes bad.
Hi! I am trying to do something similar with the photo frame, but I am not being able to install a new firmware on it. Any ideas? How did your project go? 

Anyone has the email address of the guy (Hajo Noerenberg) who actually hacked it?