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I, like most people, started using Javascript without first learning it. That was sort of fine back when all we did was stick a little statement in an onclick. When you find yourself writing more than 60 lines of JavaScript it is time to actually learn the language.

The development folk at Yahoo have a Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Theater with some videos to straighten out your understanding of JavaScript, wrap yellow warning tape around the broken corners of the language, and generally get you in shape to write real software in JavaScript.

I recommend these:

  • Douglas Crockford - “The JavaScript Programming Language”
  • Douglas Crockford - “Advanced Javascript”
  • Douglas Crockford - “An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM”

That is about 3 hours of video. If improving your productivity and product quality isn’t worth three hours, you might try the 40 minute “JavaScript: The Good Stuff”.