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The ‘C’ key started to miss and got progressivly worse on my Powerbook G4 Aluminum 1.25GHz. First, go read about putting keycaps back on… http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=88106 … then it is time to take the bad keycap off.

  1. Depress the key in front of the bad key.
  2. Lift the bad key gently.
  3. Peek in.
  4. Get a knife point in between the white scissor piece and the keycap.
  5. Twist gently to pop the front of the keycap off.
  6. Repeat for the back of the keycap.
  7. Notice the size of the plunger top.
  8. Cut a dot of tape big enough to cover the plunger top, but small enough not to interfere with the scissors.
  9. Stick it to the back of the key.
  10. Reassemble.

With any kind of luck you have just repaired your keyboard and saved \$160. I think the plungers wear out a bit and no longer reach the key contacts. That extra bit of tape lets you push it down just a bit further.

Good luck. (I had to try twice. My dot was too big the first time and kept getting caught on the scissors and holding the key down.)