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One person regularly corresponds with me using Hotmail. I’m frequently amused at the odd non-sequiturs at the end of his sometimes delicate email.

Lately though, the Hotmail graffiti ads don’t even make sense.

For example:

Send e-mail anywhere. No map, no compass. Get your Hotmail account now.

Because I need maps and a compass to use gmail? My Safari icon is a compass, should I not use Safari for Hotmail? Or is it a reference to paper mail where I used a map and a compass to post letters? 

Or perhaps:

Send e-mail faster without improving your typing skills. Get your Hotmail account now.

Faster? My bits already move at about light speed, that can’t be it. Perhaps the delay between pressing SEND and when it leaves the sending computer could be a few milliseconds shorter. How many people sit down to deliberately improve their typing speed so they can send email faster? Who, other than spammers, even cares how fast they send email?