Jim's Depository

this code is not yet written

A list of things that I might add to femtoblogger:

  • [DONE] Attachments.
  • Some mechanism for fiddling with MIME types of attachments.
  • Local copies of images. Pull it in, resize it to display size, click through to original size.
  • {NO} Some sort of Todo list.
  • [DONE] The concept of a draft copy of an article.
  • I’d like to use PATH_INFO to have more meaningful URLs, but then I’m committed to .htaccess files working to keep sane URLs. Or maybe I just let the ‘.php’ show in the middle of the path.
  • [DONE] Some time based archive structure in the nav section.
  • An export format, perhaps based on Atom.
  • [DONE] Support for external httpd authentication.
  • [DONE] A global configuration page.
  • [DONE] CSS takes variables from database now. Color skinning.
  • [DONE] Use <META NAME=“ROBOTS” CONTENT=“NONE”> to keep robots out of the non-content areas.