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I’ve published tinycamd version 0.3.

tinycamd is a webcam program for Linux which makes Video4Linux2 devices available for http access. It is mind bogglingly efficient when using cameras with JPEG or MJPEG hardware compression. When using UVC (USB Video Class) cameras it includes a handy HTML 5 based page for adjusting the camera controls.

You can find the code at Google Code: tinycamd. You can read the attached man page.


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Hi Jim, FYI trying on a Linksys WRT160NL router with OpenWRT Backfire:

root@openwrt:~# tinycamd -d /dev/video0 -s 1280x720 -f 5 -F mjpeg -p 8090 -v
formating 1280x720 pf=MJPG
got format 1280x720 pf=MJPG
driver does not support VIDIOC_G_JPEGCOMP
fps came out 1/5
Starting listener on 8090...
Failed to create watchdog for request thread: Success
Segmentation fault
I'm currently using a variety of cameras, but overall I find the UVC driver cameras to be most reliable under Linux. Having an actual specification that isn't reverse engineered from packet traces does wonders for quality.

I recently bought some WinBook WB-7144 HD webcams from microcenter at $30 for a two-pack. Cheap, reasonable quality, and solid driver support in Linux.