Jim's Depository

this code is not yet written

Femtoblogger is my (Jim Studt) miniature blogging tool. I suppose there are reasons why I wrote it…

  • I wanted something with which to write notes to myself and the googlebots.
  • I loathe giant, complicated software packages written by the sort of people that use PHP or perl. They are a problem waiting to happen and a nuisance to manage.
  • As I think about better ways to approach web development I thought it would be nice to have a dataset collected and a ‘standard’ solution to compare it against.

It is day one of turning on femtoblogger. It supports searching, user accounts, access control, categories with filtering, and article editing. Things it will likely gain are:

  • ✓ Some sort of HTML in the articles.
  • ✓ Hypertext links would be nice. This is the web after all and the googlebot won’t like me if I don’t link.
  • I think I’d like to make a way to embed images in the articles. Maybe.
  • Some sort of invitation only policy for creating accounts. For now I rely on obscurity and will simply delete any idiots that show up.
  • Some sort of TODO or “Look at later” type list would be nice.
  • ✓ An RSS feed so I can notify myself when I have written something?
  • ✓ Comments, right, it should have comments.