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this code is not yet written

This is half baked, but I’m going to roll it out and try to live with it. Articles and comments will now use a WYSIWYG interface for styling. I hope to remove the How do I insert-a-link/bold/blockquote? type of questions that interrupt people’s thought process when posting in a new venue.

The downsides are many:

  • This uses the designMode and the execCommand() interface. execCommand() was probably designed by children and is functionally incomplete and inadequately specified. It promises to be a festering source of browser quirks and user bafflement for years to come.
  • The HTML sanitizer will need to normalize as well to unquirk the postings.
  • I need to also support a raw HTML mode for people with odd browsers.
  • I will need to make decisions about copying in images and possibly resizing.
  • I will probably need onscreen hinting ofsome sort to let people know how design mode works, e.g. They can drag in links and images.
  • I will probably screw up and butcher comments at least several times.

But… what would life be without a little excitement, so here we go.

Ok, comments seem to be at least minimally functional with the new editor code in Safari.
  1. Switch new post editing over to the new style.
  2. Make sure I didn't break Firefox.
  3. Patch things up so IE works.
  4. Make a safe fallback to HTML for browsers without designMode.